Training For Gold Coast Marathon

Training for the Gold Coast Marathon…..fall in love with your foam roller and avoid the annoying little niggles.

It is now only 8 weeks until the Gold Coast marathon and I am sure your training is in full swing.

Whether you are running the full or half the 10k or the 5k race; taking care of your muscles is vital in the build up to this race.

Your muscles are surrounded by connective tissue called fascia and we need to stretch this in the same sense that we need to stretch our muscle tissue.

Foam rolling has been demonstrated to increase range of movement and aid recovery.

These exercises will therefore help to reduced your risk of injury and help you recover quicker, so you can get back out there running.

What are you waiting for? Make foam rolling part of your weekly training schedule.

Try these 4 simple movements to keep you pain free:

  1. Quads – lie on your tummy with the roller under your thighs. Take your body weight onto your forearms and use your arms to roll forwards and backwards from the top of the hip to just above the knee.
  1. ITB – lay on your side with the roller under the bottom leg. We are aiming to release the Iltio-tibial band which runs from the top of the hip down the outside of the leg to the knee. Roll forwards and back from just below the hip to just above the knee.
  1. Gluteals – Stay on your side as for the ITB and move the roller up to the side of your hip. Gentle roll forwards and backwards across the gluteal muscles.
  1. Calves – Sit with your legs stretched out in front of you. Place the roller under one calf and place the opposite foot on the floor. Taking your body weight onto your arms and one foot roll forwards and back.

Repeat each movement for approximately one minute each. That’s only 4 minutes daily!

1. Calves – gently roll up and down the length of the roller.  Turn your leg in and out at the hip to cover the inside and outside of the calf.

  1. Iliotibial band and Vastus lateralis – lie on your side and support some of your weight through your hands – roll up and down the length of the side of the thigh.

  1. Gluteals – cross your legs and sit on the roller with your weight more on one hip.  Roll over the length of the gluts.  Stop if you have a particularly tender spot and you can release a trigger point with sustained pressure.

  1. Quads – on your front – roll up and down the length of the front of the thigh