June News 2024

Welcome to our June Newsletter. As I write this it's 12 degrees in sunny Brissy on State of Origin morning - what a great day!

June is upon us some who - not sure how that happened cause is was just January 5 mins ago :)  We have a busy month coming up at Revive with some more incoming new team members we are excited to introduce to  you.  

We have 2 new physiotherapists on our team.  Erin and Kelcie - both will be working between the 2 clinics and bring some great skills to help  you with your Physio and Pilates needs.  More about Erin and Kelcie below.

We celebrated Jess's 40th birthday this week as well.  Jess in the longest standing team member at Revive and we love her to pieces - see our birthday tribute to Jess below. 

We are hosting a workshop for new MUM this month at West End- see the link for tickets below.  We have capped numbers at 10 to keep the event personalised and intimate  - book now to avoid missing out!   

Jules x



Knee arthritis, particularly osteoarthritis (OA), is a prevalent condition in Australia, affecting approximately 2.2 million Australians. The cost to the health system is substantial, estimated at over $1 billion annually, due to medical treatments, surgical procedures, and lost productivity.

Finding non-surgical solutions to knee OA is increasingly feasible, offering significant benefits for both patients and the healthcare system. A comprehensive program of care can effectively manage and alleviate symptoms. This program includes the use of an unloader brace, which helps reduce pressure on the knee joint, and manual therapy, which can improve mobility and reduce pain. Shockwave therapy is another beneficial component, enhancing tissue repair and reducing inflammation. Exercise is critical, as it strengthens the muscles around the knee, improving joint stability and function.

Implementing this multifaceted approach can significantly reduce the need for surgical interventions, leading to improved patient outcomes and reduced healthcare costs.

At Revive we are developing such a program for people who have mild to moderate knee arthritis to improve function and manage pain - prolonging the "life" of the joint  to delay surgery or avoid having to have surgery at all. 

If you have knee OA and would like more information on our KNEE REGENERATION PROGRAM please leave your name with reception and we will keep you informed of our launch date and more information as it comes to hand!


Jess our wonderful Senior and Women's Health Physiotherapist has celebrated her 40th year.  
Jess has been with Revive since the early days in the little blue house down the road and is the longest standing Reviver (apart from Julie)  having worked alongside Julie now for many many years.

In that time Jess has travelled overseas for 2 years, had 2 babies and returned to Revive like a boomerang. 
We love Jess for her passion for all things physio and the way she genuinely cares for her patients and always goes the extra mile.  Jess is an exceptional therapist with a habit of talking to herself and running into things while rushing between rooms  - we love you Jess 


Erin Cruse


 Erin graduated from the University of South Australia in Adelaide in 2016. She got her start in private practice work in Adelaide where she was first introduced to Pilates and took an interest in it as a holistic tool for recovery. 

Erin has worked within numerous sectors in the physiotherapy realm, including musculoskeletal, residential aged care and most recently occupational rehabilitation. The diversity of work has helped Erin broaden her perspective on how physio can be helpful for people in different stages of life. 

Erin enjoys providing education to empower her patients to actively participate in their recovery. Her experience in occupational rehab has given her a deeper understanding of ergonomics and she enjoys helping office workers address their pain and injuries. Erin has an interest and pre and post-natal care and hopes to develop her skills within the pelvic physiotherapy space. 

Outside of work, Erin enjoys a rotating roster of creative pursuits, camping with her partner, and running with friends. Erin also spent two years in Canada with her partner and gratefully welcomes anyone patient enough to practice French with her..


Kelcie Jessen


Kelcie is originally from Calgary, Canada and moved to Australia to pursue a career in physiotherapy. She completed the Masters of Physiotherapy Studies from the University of Queensland in 2023. Kelcie has clinical experience in the acute hospital setting, aged care, as well as musculoskeletal private practice, which is the area she is most passionate about. She believes that blending manual therapy techniques, including dry needling, with exercise prescription achieves the best results for her clients.
Prior to becoming a physiotherapist, Kelcie was a personal trainer with a passion for injury prevention and functional movement. Her experiences range from helping athletes optimize their performance to working with older adults, guiding them on a journey to maintain vitality and activity well into retirement.
 Kelcie is an avid lover of the outdoors. She enjoys rock climbing, hiking, and running and she especially loves to help her clients achieve their goals and get back to their own adventures!



We are collaborating with "NEXT LEVEL PARENTING" to bring you a practical workshop all about your pelvic floor and tips and tricks to thrive as a new Mum. 

Spaces limited to 10 - scan QR code below to purchase your tickets now and avoid disappointment!


The Gold Coast  Marathon is only 4 weeks away!  We have 2 in-house physios who are very keen runners themselves and love treating runners!

Come and See Joe or Diarmuid for a running assessment or treatment on a niggle or injury so you're good to go on race day !

More information on our running services