Reformer Classes

The Reformer Machine

The reformer is a specialised pilates machine which allows exercises to be easier or more challenging depending on the desired movement emphasis. Reformer pilates is a dynamic paced pilates group class programmed on the reformer. Classes are taken by qualified pilates instructors and provide a full body workout incorporating key pilates principles including; control, concentration, centring, precision, breath and flowing movement.

Power Reformer Pilates Classes

Power reformer pilates classes are for injury free clients who are looking for more of a challenge. The classes are fast-paced with continual focus on the co-ordination of stretching and strengthening your muscles at the same time. Using the Pilates reformer machine, resistance and difficulty is increased with each exercise. This class adds in another element to your existing workout routine by learning correct postural technique.

Reformer and Power reformer timetable

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