Stephanie Rea

Stephanie is a University of Queensland graduate (1993) and brings over 20 years of private practice to REVIVE.

Steph has a “hands on” approach using a multitude of manual therapy and soft tissue techniques learnt from experience, but not limited to this.  She works with her clients to empower them to perform at their best and achieve their goals. She has knowledge of all types of injuries and conditions and is a highly experienced Senior Physiotherapist at REVIVE. Her positive approach assists clients with acute and chronic problems and encourages ‘life participation’ in all.

Steph has a keen interest in golf, running and swimming biomechanics. She loves all challenging presentations including unstable pelvis, hypermobility, shoulder, complex neurological and persisting pain problems.

Her past work experiences include Physiotherapist with English Super League teams, British Athletics, QAS golfers as well as innumerable social and serious rugby players, netballers, gymnasts and swimmers of all ages. Steph works with and respects clients of diversity, athletes of all levels, physically or mentally diverse, adolescents and adults alike, to help them get back to living their best life.

Steph is an advocate of the three R’s - rugby, reading and red wine. If there isn’t live sport to be watched, Steph loves her foreign films and Nordic dramas.

Stephanie Rea
APA Physiotherapist
Revive West End