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Welcome to Revive!   

Brisbane's home to pregnancy physiotherapy services. We provide specialist education, prevention and treatment of pelvic and postural dysfunctions for pregnant women. 

Our pregnancy physios provide a specialist physiotherapy service for both pre and post natal pregnancy. 

We understand the significance of the pregnancy process and how it impacts mothers both physically and emotionally. We're here to ensure you experience an amazing pregnancy journey and ensure that your body is in its optimal state to enjoy that process. 

Happy, healthy and strong are the outcomes of what we strive to achieve with all of our pregnancy physio patients. 

We'd love to help you on your pregnancy journey. To make an enquiry, or to get started, please contact our pregnancy physios today at any of our Brisbane clinics (Ashgrove or West End).

Brisbane Pregnancy Physio

Why Revive Are The Trusted Pregnancy Physio Choice In Brisbane

At Revive we pride ourselves on our highly skilled team, researched backed physio methodologies and high level of patient care. Here's why we're are regarded as Brisbane's leading pregnancy physiotherapists.

Trusted. Caring. Personable

Highly accredited and experienced pregnancy physiotherapists

Our pregnancy physios are specialists in their field. We have a wealth of knowledge, qualifications and real world experience to provide you with the highest level of care and treatment during and after your pregnancy. 

We offer both pre and post natal pregnancy physio care

Whether it's answering a question like "what happens to my body after pregnancy?" or providing you with tips or treatment plans to help you experience the best for your journey, we are here to help both during and after your pregnancy. 

Our treatment and level of care is backed by the latest research

We provide a very thorough and personalised pregnancy physio service. All of our treatment, plans and advice is backed by years of qualifications, latest research and real world results. You can have full confidence knowing that our team of specialists are with you every step of the way.

Pregnancy, Pelvic Health and Women's Health

PRegnancy Physio Brisbane Revive

More than just pregnancy physios

We are here to help your pregnancy journey and to ensure you become the best version of you for both yourself and your baby. 

We provide a nurturing environment where we can discuss any pregnancy concerns you have and your current health situations without the worry of having to feel uncomfortable or embarrassed. 

We provide real-time advice, treatments and plans that are personalised and catered for your well-being and current health situation.

We strive for you to become confident in both pre and post delivery of your baby.  

Common Benefits Of Utilising
Pregnancy Physio Brisbane Services

Experience improvement in your postural and overall flexibility and mobility

Reduced level of aches, pains and discomfort during pregnancy

A listening ear and person to lean on during emotionally and physically challenging times

Improved strength in your pelvic floor and other areas of your body

Adoption of relaxation techniques to help you through all stages of pregnancy, birth and motherhood.

Help with circulation to your upper and lower parts of your body 

The Revive Pregnancy Physio Difference

Revive are here to help you feel your best during your pregnancy, birth and motherhood journey. We have two Brisbane pregnancy physio locations (Ashgrove and West End) of which both have free parking available to make your trip easy.

We provide a caring, comprehensive and thorough pregnancy physiotherapy approach. Whether your goal is to be in the best shape possible prior to birth, or it's to recover quickly after birth, we are here to help you every step of the way.  

Helping you through pregnancy, birth and motherhood.

Our Brisbane Pregnancy Physio Locations

Ashgrove Clinic

 07 3366 0500

240 Water Works Road, Ashgrove


West End Clinic

 07 3064 3207

405 Montague Road, West End


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