Pilates Classses Ashgrove

We run a variety of floor classes at Revive Ashgrove.

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Equipment Pilates

What is the difference between clinical exercise therapy sessions and Pilates classes?

Our clinical exercise therapy sessions (CETS)  run throughout the day on the hour. Here, participants carry out their own individual, physiotherapy prescribed programs integrating Pilates influenced, floor and gym based exercises. These concurrent exercise sessions are supervised by physiotherapists and suitable for rehabilitation of injuries or treatment of conditions like back or neck pain, poor balance and poor posture. Revive also runs Equipment Pilates classes on a variety of Pilates equipment including the cadilliac, ladder barrel, reformer, spine corrector and wunda chair for individuals without injury to maintain mobility, strength and fitness. We also run mat and reformer Pilates classes in the studio - these are carried out on mats on the floor with the occasional use of some small equipment and reformers that add resistance to movement via springs.  All participants carry out the same exercises in matwork and reformer Pilates so it is more suitable for people without injuries or pain.


Revive Class Etiquette

Bookings are required for all classes due to minimum and maximum numbers.
If you are a new client please arrive 5-10 minutes prior so you have time to fill out initial forms.

Please be considerate that our treatment rooms are often busy and understand that you may not be able to use them to get changed - please try to use the toilets at the studio or come in your exercise gear.

Please ensure you come to the front desk two minutes before your class to notify reception staff of your arrival. Please make sure that you still check in at reception before your class even if you are late.

Please be considerate of other class participants and your instructor by not being late for classes. More than 10 minutes late will mean you will not be able to participate due to disruption to the class.

Mat Pilates

Introductory Mat Class

Casual class

5 Class Pass  (7 week expiry period)

10 Class Pass  (12 week expiry period)

Using your own body weight as resistance, a matwork Pilates class is challenging and fun. A number of different classes are offered at REVIVE to add variety and intensity with the use of props and small equipment. Before commencing mat classes we require you to complete a 1 hour session with an instructor. This is an essential initial session with an instructor to introduce the principals of Pilates and learn the basic manoeuvres. The introductory session is not on our timetable however if you'd like to make a booking for this class you can call our studio and we'll find a convenient time for you.  You will ensure faster results if you are completing the exercises with the correct muscle activation from the outset.  This one hour introduction will ensure we can safely screen you for potential injury and enable you to begin your first mat class with confidence.

Pregnancy Exercise

Initial Pregnancy Assessment

Individual Class (with Physiotherapist)

5 Class Pass (7 week expiry period)

10 Class Pass  (12 week expiry period)

Pregnancy Exercise at Revive is a floor based class using various props such as balls, bands and fitness circles. These classes help expecting mothers in their first, second and third trimesters to develop awareness of their pelvic floor and strengthen and support their lower back. The classes also focus on shoulder stability and upper extremity strength, as well as general fitness and flexibility.  You will need clearance from your Doctor prior to commencing these classes.
Prior to attending your first class, you will be required to book in for an Initial Pregnancy Exercise consultation with one of our Pre and Post Natal Physiotherapists.

Health fund rebates apply to the Initial Pregnancy Exercise consultation, and to any classes taken by a Physiotherapist. Health fund rebates are not applicable to classes taken by Pilates instructors.

Click here for more information on Women's Health Physiotherapy.

Mums and Bubs Exercise

Initial Mums and Bubs Assessment

Individual Class (with Physiotherapist)

Health fund rebates apply
This mother and baby exercise class is a 1 hour class especially designed by our Women's Health Physiotherapist to help you rebuild strength post delivery. You will require a short post-natal screening with our Women's Health Physiotherapist before attending the class.

Bubs from newborn to 12 months are welcome to be with you during the class and may be involved in some of the exercises. Prams are also welcome in the room if bub would rather sleep. A play pen can be provided upon request. This is another fantastic way to network with new mums and for your little one to make new friends. 

Young at Heart Exercise Class

Individual Class

10 Class Pass

Health fund rebates may apply.
This class run by a physiotherapist and specifically tailored to improve strength, balance, flexibility, falls prevention and agility.

A maximum of 4 participants are in this class.

Healthy Bones

Individual Class

5 Class Pass (7 week expiry period)

10 Class Pass (12 week expiry period)

Health Fund Rebates Apply
The class is a one hour workout for men and women wanting to strengthen, tone and increase bone density and muscle mass. These classes are taken by Sports Physiotherapist Julie Campbell. Bookings are essential as maximum numbers apply.

Tweens Exercise

Individual Class

Revive runs a program specifically for children aged 4 and up. It is just as important for children to develop their core strength and maintain correct posture to prevent injury and pain later in life. Children sit for extended periods during school hours, and often carry heavy school bags. They can also be very active, running around and playing sports. Exercise can assist in improving overall strength and mobility, lead to increased motor awareness, and help them use their bodies more efficiently.

Children are constantly developing and changing, and exercise can provide the foundations for strong, able bodies. If you are looking for something fun and exciting for your children to do, tweens exercise is a wonderful option!

Classes run for one hour, and can be purchased individually. Classes taken by Physiotherapists are claimable on health funds.

Which class is right for me?

If you would like some more information on which class would be suitable to your needs, please do not hesitate to contact us on or (07) 3366 0500.

We are taking interest.........

We are taking interest in the following classes. Please call or email either studio with your name and phone number and the names of which classes you would be interested in attending and the times you are available to attend and we will let you know when we start the classes.