Real Time Ultrasound Scanning

What is ultrasound scanning?

Ultrasound scanning use a device that produces high frequency
sound waves that are in inaudible to the human ear to, when eminated
into the body, construct to two dimensional image of the tissues
underlying the transmitter. Revive uses a type of ultrasound scanner not unlike those used in obstetrics medicine.

This technology has significant applications for use in physiotherapy. Our most common application is for visualising the layers of muscle encasing your abdomen. Specifically, we use the machine to observe the quality, pattern of activation and ability to contract in isolation the deepest of your abdominal muscles, the Transversus Abdominus. Furthermore, we can then observe and assess your ability to maintain a contraction while breathing, moving, sitting and standing.

Revive also uses RTU to help you relearn how to use the deep muscles of your hip as well if you are suffering with osteoarthritis or other hip and pelvic conditions that can cause weakness in the supporting muscles of the hip. The deepest layers of your muscle system are often difficult to see, feel and therefore activate. RTU provides visual feedback for you, the client, to isolate and develop awareness of these deeper muscles.

Why get your abdominals scanned? Transverse abdominus is  the muscle that will flatten your lower abdomen and is the only one of your four abdominal muscles that directly stabilises the spine, reducing back pain. It is therefore important that you are able to contract this muscle specifically and in isolation of the other abdominals to achieve a flatter abdomen and reduce lower back pain.

Spinal stability is also fundamental to the stability, strength, coordination and function of the limbs, therefore reducing wear on these joints and preventing recurrent muscle strain.
Even if you have been scanned on your initial visit to the studio, it is important to have regular scans to check you are correctly activating yourTransversus Abdominus. Your progress can then be monitored and suggestions will be given for taking your TA to the next level. Remember, if you are not activating Transversus Abdominus correctly you will not get the results you want from Pilates.



Real-time ultrasound will be part of your treatment if you are attending for physiotherapy and the cost of the scan is included in your treatment fee.

You may require to have a scan on it's own to check your progress. Stand alone scan (15 mins) 
*Pricing may change according to which Physiotherapist conducts the scan).