Erin Cruse

Erin graduated from the University of South Australia in Adelaide in 2016. She got her start in private practice work in Adelaide where she was first introduced to Pilates and took an interest in it as a holistic tool for recovery. 

Erin has worked within numerous sectors in the physiotherapy realm, including musculoskeletal, residential aged care and most recently occupational rehabilitation. The diversity of work has helped Erin broaden her perspective on how physio can be helpful for people in different stages of life. 

Erin enjoys providing education to empower her patients to actively participate in their recovery. Her experience in occupational rehab has given her a deeper understanding of ergonomics and she enjoys helping office workers address their pain and injuries. Erin has an interest and pre and post-natal care and hopes to develop her skills within the pelvic physiotherapy space. 

Outside of work, Erin enjoys a rotating roster of creative pursuits, camping with her partner, and running with friends. Erin also spent two years in Canada with her partner and gratefully welcomes anyone patient enough to practice French with her..

Erin Cruse
APA Physiotherapist
Ashgrove and West End