Physiotherapy for Dancers

How can Physiotherapy help?

Generally a dancer will only seek a physiotherapist's advice when they are injured. However, injury prevention is a big part of longevity for the dancer. If you feel a little niggle that hasn't overcome itself within a few days, a physiotherapist can help this by preventing this niggle turning into something more chronic.

Sometimes the joint involved is just stiff or locked up, and no amount of stretching can release this. Physiotherapists provide a gliding mobilisation to release stiff joints and relieve the pain, preventing it from becoming a chronic issue.

The muscles involved can be too deep to stretch, massage or trigger point alone. A physiotherapist qualified in dry needling can reach these muscles more effectively to relieve, and prevent ongoing problems.

A physiotherapist biomechanically screens the body to see where the problem may be originating from. It may be a simple case of foot posture, or stance posture, or muscle imbalance. The therapist can recommend strategies to help resolve these and any ongoing issues.

Injury prevention is better than a cure. Don't wait until you have a stress related or chronic injury before you have it seen to. If the pain or niggle lasts more than a week, come and see one of our very experienced and knowledgeable Physiotherapists.

Pilates for Dancers

The benefits of pilates in dance have been recognised for decades and having been utilized by the likes of Rudolf Laban, George Balanchine, Ted Shawn, Martha Graham, Rudolf Nureyev, Mikael Baryshnikov and more as a means of:

  • Physical conditioning and maintenance
  • Technical strengthening and mobility
  • Injury prevention and rehabilitation

The fundamental principles of the pilates method (Concentration; Control; Centring; Precision; Flowing Movement; Breathing) closely reflect qualities that all dancers hope to find every time they move. Focusing on core stability, strength and control through the body, pilates starts from the centre of the torso and works all the way out to the finger tips. With committed practice pilates will enhance efficient and effective movement and improve dance performance and technique.

Revive Ashgrove can provide a personalised pilates equipment program addressing the demanding needs specific to a dancers body. All clients will undergo an initial assessment with a Revive physiotherapist which includes a real-time ultra-sound scan of the deep abdominal muscles. Revive Ashgrove are one of the few pilates centres in Brisbane who can offer this service which is the only 100% accurate method to evaluate core activation strength, endurance and imbalances. After every 10 sessions this program is re-assessed and your abdominals re-scanned to monitor and address your body's progress.

Pre-Pointe Assessments

If you are concerned about choosing the right pointe shoe or find that your pointe shoes aren’t working for you, we can help by doing a specific biomechanical assessment for dancers. What does this involve?

  • Postural assessment
  • Strength and biomechanical assessment
  • Functional assessment specific to ballet
  • Ballet technique tips, with and without pointe shoes
  • Assessment of pointe shoes (if already purchased)

Do I need to bring pointe shoes?

Yes, if you already have them. It is not necessary that you already have pointe shoes. It is common for teachers to request an assessment before the student goes up onto pointe to assess strength. The assessment will help prevent injury by providing the student with technical tips to improve their strength and alignment. It is also helpful as a guideline of what to look for when choosing the correct style of pointe shoes for the student’s feet.

What should I wear?

Please wear dancing attire including leotard, tights etc. Please bring your pointe shoes if you have already purchased them. 

Student Discount 
Revive Ashgrove studio is offering a 25% discount for equipment pilates for current Ausdance QLD members and tertiary dance students.