The Benefits of Stretching

What is stretching and why is it good for you?

Stretching is basically putting a muscle into its lengthened position with the aim of increasing its range of motion.

A regular stretching routine is important for so many reasons.

To reduce general muscle tension
A greater ability to move freely
Decreased incidence of injury
Increased athletic ablility or performance
Improved recovery time following exercise
Pilates can assist you becoming more flexible in your muscles as the exercises are such that your full range of movement is utilised and if the exercise is performed against resistance the muscles involved are worked not only concentrically but also eccentrically. This means that as one muscle is undergoing the stretch, its opposing one is controlling the joints movement.

By increasing your range of movement, you are also at an advantage to increase your sporting performance as the muscles have a greater distance over which they can contract. With additional strengthening exercises, this can translate to power and speed and ability to control our muscles.

So there is really no question to it, flexibility is important to all sports and all postural types. A correct assessment by a physiotherapist can help aid where to focus your stretches and the type of stretches to do.