January 2017 news

Welcome to our January newsletter and to a brand new shiny year!  2016 seemed to be a tough year for many people in many different ways and happiness seemed to be in short supply for a lot of my clients, colleagues and friends.  I truly believe that we can all have a better 2017 and I also believe that part of that is determined by how we react to circumstances and events not so much what happens to us.  Acceptance  and self compassion are a big part of this and something that we can get better at with practice and mindfulness.

I have been reading about  the science around how we can remap the brain to increase happiness and wellness. Interestingly the way the brain changes with the practice of mindfulness, gratitude and compassion also helps with managing chronic pain.

So it appears that we all need to get mindful, meditate, practice kindness, empathy and gratitude in order to have a HAPPY NEW YEAR X

.  Have a great monthJules

New Year, new beginings

The start of a new year always seems to be a good time to make a new start.  Thing is – if we don’t process the good and bad of the previous year, it is easy to take some of the habits, negativity, disappointments and struggles into the New year, creating a blueprint for the brand new year to become a continuum of the last.

It’s worth taking the time to reflect on what’s gone in order to “wipe the slate clean” and start again refreshed and with a new outlook of positivity.

Reflection could include thinking about and writing down answers to these questions:

  • What am I proud of
  • What do I need to let go of /who do I need to forgive
  • What inspired me this year and what was I committed to
  • Where was I stopped
  • What did I learn about myself
  • What no longer serves me
  • When and how was I brave

Write it all down and then say goodbye to it.  Then start imagining your new year  - how it will look and feel, what matters to you , what change do you want to make, how can you commit to these changes.  Keep a journal and stay accountable by sharing your plans with a friend

When your mind is trying to fix yesterday’s problems, conditions keep reflecting yesterday

Shift your focus to make a new day

2 New Physiotherapists join our team in 2017

We are excited to be welcoming 2 new physiotherapists to Revive in January.  Erin Bonney and Ellis Taylor are available for appointments from Tuesday 3rd January.

Erin comes to us as a graduate of the Univeristy of Qld with experience in general musculoskeletal conditions and an interest in Pilates and exercise Therapy as a form of treatment for her clients

Ellis has 17yrs experience as a physio and has recently returned from the UK where he owned and ran his own physio/pilates clinic in London. 

Welcome to both physios – we know they will be an asset to our team and we look forward to working with them this year as we continue to provide excellence in physio and pilates care for our clients.

New Year, New You

Veronica Lando (Physiotherapist)

New year, new you. Well, maybe not an entirely new you. Perhaps: New year, improved you is a better catchcry. But either way, as we roll into yet another year, many of us have thoughts of throwing our old habits out the window and developing a tremendous way of living that that will make our friends green with envy.

Perhaps not a complete overhaul is what we’re after, but rather a tweak here or there to the already existing, fabulous you. Whether your aim is to run 5km; get better with recycling; or floss everyday, setting a few achievable goals is always worthwhile. But that’s the key word: achievable.

Don’t be tempted to bite of more than you can chew and set a goal that is bigger than Ben Hur. Aiming to have your house look like it belongs on the cover of Better Homes and Gardens magazine by the end of January is not that realistic for us mere mortals, and it soon becomes clear to see why most of us have forgotten all our new year’s resolutions come mid-February.

Keep your eye on the prize and maintain achievability by setting some more realistic smaller goals, to help you reach a bigger one. If you’re aiming to become healthier, then setting a goal of having one more alcohol free night  a week or cycling to work once per week is quite manageable. Fuel your motivation by keeping yourself accountable: tell your family and friends your goals, keep a checklist or diary, get an app – whatever will make you stick to your guns.

So what are you waiting for? Think about the big picture and then pave your way there! Ready, set go!



Mini equipment start up pack - Initial assessment  with a physiotherapist, 2 more one on

One sessions and three small  group sessions

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Terms and conditions apply to all packs and specials


Melanie and Stewart were married in November in South Africa.  What a stunning bride Mel made in a gorgeous setting !  Congrats to the happy couple.  Mel is on her honey moon but returns to work on 16th January

Jess, Simon and big sister Sadie welcomed Ivy into the world in December  - congrats guys.  Jess is now on maternity leave until later in  2017.


Want to make 2017 your year to shine?


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And/Or -Find that mental acuity of your younger years

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