Prue Barker

Prue graduated from the University of Queensland in 2019 and has worked in both private and public sectors in Brisbane, Canberra and London. 

Prue enjoys treating both musculoskeletal injuries and pelvic health concerns. She has completed the Graduate Certificate in Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy through the University of Melbourne, and uses this training to treat a range of pelvic floor concerns for both men and women. Prue particularly enjoys helping women return to sport postpartum, treating female pelvic pain concerns, and pre and post prostatectomy urinary incontinence in men. 

Prue is a solution focussed and caring physio who actively listens to client concerns and develops strategies with them to optimise recovery. 

Prue's second love after physiotherapy is Pilates, and she enjoys utilising her Pilates training alongside a hands-on approach to treatment to get clients back to doing what they love. 

Outside of work Prue enjoys being outdoors in sunny Brisbane, and can be found frequenting Brisbane's restaurant scene or relaxing at the beach with her partner. 

Prue Barker
APA Physiotherapist
Special interest in Women's Health
West End