Clea Hall 

Clea's focus is on rock climbing, particularly the indoor bouldering and lead climbing scene. She has been a part of the Queensland youth team for the past 8 years, and the Queensland Open team for the past 3 years. Recently, Clea attended the 2022 Youth World Cup in Dallas, Texas where she represented Australia for the first time. Clea trains around 25+ hours a week while attending high school and working as a coach.


"Being a part of the Revive team means the world to me. They not only have helped me with preventing future injuries with one-on-one physio treatment but have also aided in my climbing by teaching me body control and balance through pilates. After having had injuries that put me out of climbing for months, I made a goal to try to remain as injury-free as possible this year and it is amazing to have Revive onboard to support me with this goal. I have a feeling that Revive studios is going to be an integral part of my training for years to come."

- Clea Hall