Revive Pilates

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"Pilates is a tried and tested form
of exercise that is "here to stay"

  • The original work of Joseph Pilates has been modified and modernised to create an intelligent, graceful and powerful form of exercise. "Clinical Pilates" has been created to address the need for specific and ffective medically and scientifically based exercise therapy. The regular and specific practise of pilates promises to deliver the following benefits:

  • Improved flexibility
  • Postural re-education
  • Reduced stress levels
  • Improved breathing patterns
  • Reduced back and neck pain
  • Improved athletic performance
  • Better balance and reduced risk of falls
  • Improved core strength and hip stability
  • Reduced risk of injury from work and sport
  • Better pregnancies, deliveries and recovery from birth
  • Improved golf swing, swimming stroke or running action
  • A graduated return to exercise after injury, illness or long break
  • Muscle reprogramming to enable you to move and hold yourself more efficiently
  • Body re-shaping - a flatter and more toned abdomen and improved muscle definition and tone
  • Either performed on specialised equipment or on the mat, pilates, if performed regularly will give you a sense of relaxed invigoration. It focuses the mind, re-energises the body and improves your general health and well-being. Stott Pilates best summarises this as "Intelligent Exercise, Profound Results".

Equipment Pilates

(Clinical pilates Ashgrove) 

At Revive Ashgrove we deliver Pilates classes using a range of Pilates equipment including the Wunda Chair, Ladder Barrel, Trap Table and Reformer. Our Equipment Pilates classes are run by experienced Pilates Instructors and are suitable for individuals without pain looking to be involved in supervised exercise, to build fitness and strength and to work towards targeted exercise goals.

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Floor Classes

We run matwork floor Pilates classes at Revive Ashgrove, including mat or floor classes.

These classes are carried out on mats on the floor and do not involve the use of equipment except for some small apparatus at times.  All p articipants carry out the same exercises in matwork pilates so it is more suitable for people without injuries or pain.

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Reformer Pilates

( Refomer Pilates Ashgrove ) 

The reformer is a specialised pilates machine that offers additional benefits and challenges which allows exercises to be easier or more challenging depending on the desired movement emphasis.

Reformer fitness is a dynamic paced pilates group class programmed on the reformer. Classes are taken by qualified pilates instructors and provide a full body workout incorporating key pilates principles including; control, concentration, centring, precision, breath and flowing movement.

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Pilates for Dancers

The benefits of pilates in dance have been recognised for decades by the likes of Rudolf Laban, George Balanchine, Ted Shawn, Martha Graham, Rudolf Nureyev, Mikael Baryshnikov and more. Benefits can include Physical conditioning and maintenance, Technical strengthening and mobility and Injury prevention and rehabilitation.

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Corporate Pilates

Corporate classes are private mat sessions that accommodate individual company needs. These classes are scheduled at a time that suits the company and are held onsite at the workplace or in Revive Wellness Centres (you have your own closed class at our studio) . Our classes are programmed to address common musculoskeletal 'problem areas' associated with office workers and executives such as poor posture, tight upper back and lack of mobility through the spine and body.

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