Women's Health Physiotherapy

Women's Health Services at Revive focus on the management of pelvic floor dysfunction, incontinence and pre and post natal care.  

Meet Our women's Health Physiotherapists: 

Jess Gelling (left): 

Jess is an experience Women's health Physiothearpist with a gentle and understanding approach to the assessment and management of all women's Health issues.  Jess is also qualified and experienced in fitting pessaries to assist the rehab and management of prolapse.

Kathleen Williams (right): 

Kat is an experienced Women's health Physiotherapist who is passionate about treating her clients as a whole.  Incorporating musclulo-skeletal treatments and women's health assessment and management strategies Kat is skilled at treating all presenting women's health issues including pelvic girdle pain. 


Conditions we Treat Include:

  • Overactive pelvic floor conditions including urgency
  • Pelvic organ prolapse
  • Pelvic floor and abdominal muscle weakness
  • Sexual pain
  • Rectus Diastasis (abdominal muscle separation that can occur due to pregnancy)
  • Pre and post gynaecological surgeries
  • Urinary incontinence
  • Pre- and post natal care - including education, exercise classes and treatment of pelvic floor and other related musculo-skeletal conditions

37%  of Australian women and 13% of Australian men experience incontinence. Incontinence is not an inevitable consequence of ageing and can be prevented and treated.

Ask yourself these questions regarding incontinence:

  1. When you laugh, sneeze, cough or exercise, do you sometimes leak a small amount of urine?
  2. Do you have sudden, strong urges to pass urine and need to rush to the bathroom?
  3. Do you arrange your daily routine around where the nearest toilets will be, or know where most public toilets are located?
  4. Do you urinate more than 6-8 times during the day?
  5. Do you wake twice or more during the night to go to the toilet?
  6. Have you given up activities due to fear of bladder leakage?

If you are noticing any of the above symptoms, the sooner you address them the shorter the time will be to resolve them. Please call our studios to make an appointment with Physiotherapists Jessica Doolin or Kat Williams who specialise in Women's Health

Women's Health Appointment

Here at Revive our physiotherapists begin by taking a thorough history. This will include when your symptoms started and what your current concerns are. These questions will direct your physiotherapist to what measurements to take. In most cases, the best way to assess any pelvic floor dysfunction is by conducting an internal examination. Here at Revive, we also have a Real Time Ultrasound machine which can also be used during assessment to observe muscle activity. Assessing the pelvic floor will aid your physiotherapist in diagnosis and help to provide specific treatment options for you.  When you book a women's health appointment with us we send you an email outlining what you can expect.  

Pregnancy Exercise - Preggie fit classes

Pregnancy Exercise at Revive is a floor based class run by a Physiotherapist  using various props such as balls, bands and fitness circles. These sessions help expecting mothers in their first, second and third trimesters to develop awareness of their pelvic floor and strengthen and support their lower back. The classes also focus on shoulder stability and upper extremity strength, as well as general fitness and flexibility.  You will need clearance from your Doctor prior to commencing these classes.
Prior to attending your first class, you will be required to book in for an Initial Pregnancy Exercise consultation with one of our Pre and Post Natal Physiotherapists.

Health fund rebates apply to the Initial Pregnancy Exercise consultation, and any classes taken by a Physiotherapist. 

Mums and Bubs Class

This mother and baby exercise class is a 1-hour class especially designed by our Women's Health Physiotherapist to help you rebuild strength post delivery. You will require a short post-natal screening with our Women's Health Physiotherapist before attending the class.

Bubs from newborn to 12 months are welcome to be with you during the class and may be involved in some of the exercises. Prams are also welcome in the room if bub would rather sleep. A play pen can be provided upon request. This is another fantastic way to network with new mums and for your little one to make new friends.  Health fund rebates apply

For more information on incontinence and the pelvic floor visit: www.continence.org.au or www.pelvicfloorfirst.org.au

SRC shorts

We stock and fit SRC shorts.  Please call the clinic to book your fitting  or call us for more information on 3366 0500

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