What is Osgood Schlatters?

Osgood Schlatters disease, or tibial tuberosity apophysitis, is common and results in inflammation of the bone near the growth plate of the tibial tuberosity.  Active children between the age of 9 – 16 are most susceptible to this condition, with boys more likely to be affected that girls..

Your child may be experiencing intense pain just below the knee, which is often more noticeable following jumping, squatting, running & kneeling.  Initially, the pain might be relatively mild, with it progressing to the point where you child can no longer participate in their chosen sport/activity due to pain.  There may also be a swollen/tender bump on the front of the shin (tibial tuberosity) near the knee joint.  Symptoms can be in one, or both knees.

Some of the most common risk factors for developing this condition include:

  • Recent growth spurts
  • Sudden increase in training or sporting activities
  • Muscle tightness or weakness
  • Inappropriate training
  • Inadequate footwear

A Physiotherapist can accurately diagnose this condition based on a thorough history taking and patient symptoms, with diagnostic imaging not usually required.  It is important to see a qualified health professional, such as a Physiotherapist, due to the large number of alternative conditions your child could be experiencing.

Treatment will typically consist of pain management strategies, education about load management and recovery, taping, supervised exercise and stretching.

If your child is experiencing knee pain, contact us at Revive Ashgrove on 3366 0500 to book an appointment with one of our experience Physiotherapists. 

Karen Jamieson
Revive Ashgrove