Ski season has begun!

The Australian and New Zealand ski season has begun, and as such, a lot of us will be donning the thermals and heading South. But before you get to the slopes, a quick reminder that a little preparation may go a long way in preventing or minimizing injury on the mountain. Skiing and snowboarding are dynamic and endurance sports, where postural control is paramount. The snowboarder/skier is in a prolonged squat for at times up to 10-15 minutes (can you currently hold a squat for 15 mins?), changing directions and balancing on the edges of the equipment, and in skiing has to coordinate their feet to a very high degree. Pilates programs can be tailored to help with core and leg strength and endurance. And revive are one of the few practices with a specialised ski fitter. So come in for a visit, or if you are already a valued client, let us know you are going to the slopes so we can help you on your way to an injury free trip.