October News 2023


We ramped up our usual levels of  'checking in' with people on are you OK day.  A genuine conversation can make all the difference.  

The theme for 2023 was 

 "I'm Here, To Hear". 

Asking R U OK? is the first step, but it is important to genuinely listen to what comes after. 

After actively listening try to encourage action ("why don't you go outside for a walk and some sunshine "eg) and then circle back to check in when you can.


Women's Health Week was 4-9 Sept

We put the spotlight on Women's Health in September to celebrate Women's Health Week an initiative of @jeanhailes.  We passionately advocate for women of all ages and the specific issues that affect women through the stages from puberty to menopause, pre and post natal care and pelvic floor rehab.  Jess at Ashgrove and Celia at West End are out talented and caring Women's Health practitioners. 

World Physio Day was 8th September

Shout out to the all the wonderful Physiotherapists out there and the great work  that physios do every day to help their patients.

Physiotherapy is a demanding job - there are physical, psychological and emotional challenges that are managed in ways that are often not "seen".  Physios are often the people that provide practical, physical and emotional support to people in all sorts of situations - from an athlete about the run a marathon to an amputee struggling to walk they show compassion and empathy for a wide range of people from all walks of life !  Then they apply their expert knowledge of physio to each patient individually managing them through a treatment pathway to enjoy better health and quality of life.


Book an Initial massage with one of our massage therapists and receive your first massage for $79.  This offer is for clients seeing Mirko at Ashgrove for the first time. 

As Ai is returning from Maternity leave any massage booked with her this month will be $79 to celebrate her return. (this offer is extended to returning clients who have previously seen Ai). Ai is currently only available on Wednesdays so book now to avoid disappointment.


It seems we have an epidemic of depression and anxiety and not just  a few people having a few blue days but full blown anxiety and depression that can be crippling and debilitating.  There is a sense of worry about the future and what it holds.  For many the concerns about global warming, the cost of living (petrol and child care costs just a couple of hot topics at the moment) and the aftermath of Covid are sitting heavily causing a sense of gloom and doom that feels hard to shake.

We all know what we should be doing to manage the effects of this chronic background stress but sometimes just starting to create good habits can seem just too hard.

This month as we head into the pointy end of the year it is perhaps the time to take stock and be firm with yourself and take back control of your mental health.

Some tips that are easier as first steps in the right direction:

  • Exercise - even an evening stroll after dinner can help.  Start small and build up - make it achievable and enjoyable and it will become a habit.
  • Cut back on alcohol this month.  try and reduce or stop your alcohol intake this month and give your brain and liver an rest before the silly season starts up.

  • Drink more water - stay hydrated to keep your brain and body happy as it starts to warm up
  • Pay attention to your sleep patterns.  Avoid harsh light after sunset, turn off devices at least half an hour before you want to be asleep (try reading a book), use lavender and magnesium as natural sleep support.

Mental and physical Health go hand in hand.  Pay attention to both to get the most out of your efforts to feel happy and energised. Depression and anxiety can be linked to physical issues like hypermobility so talk to your physio or EP if you need some help in this area. 


Odd Sock Day is a day designed to be fun, and an excellent opportunity for people to express themselves and celebrate their individuality. This day is an occasion to promote conversations about the importance of mental health as 1 in 5 Australians between the ages of 16 and 85 experience mental illness each year. On Odd Sock day it is encouraged to talk openly and freely about mental health issues just as we would with any other health related issue.   Join us on Friday and wear your ODD socks to your Pilates session to start the conversation !

Following on from Odd Sock Day, we have World Mental Health Day. On this day we focus on Mental health -  how to look after it and how to get help if you are struggling.

Tips for talking to someone about your mental health: 

  1. Choose someone you can trust to talk to.
  2. Think about the best place to talk.
  3. Prepare yourself for their reaction.

How to talk to someone about their mental health:

  1. Choose a good space to talk without distractions.
  2. Listen attentively and ask questions.
  3. Ask how you can help.


What to expect


60 minutes classes

Small class sizes

Price: $30 per class

10 pack @ $280

Claimable on Private Health

Advantages of stretch & trigger

Reduces muscle tension

Improves sleep and mood

Reduces risk of injury

Increases joint and muscle flexibility

Promotes circulation

How do I book in?

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