March Newsletter- Recover and Revive


High intensity workouts continue to be one of the hottest and fast growing (according to our observations and the ACSM’s Worldwide Survey of Fitness Trends). But an obsession with them has led to over-training and injuries, ushering in a new let’s-slow-down mentality that’s going to keep spreading.

Tough workouts aren’t fading away, but people are finally focusing on good habits, recovery classes, and self-care products to offset their physical toll.   As with anything balance if necessary if it is to be sustainable.  Slower controlled movements like when practicing pilates or yoga address the important deeper layers of muscle and fascia and help restore muscle length, joint mobility and proximal stability (core strength).    Balance and stretching exercises are as important as the “go hard or go home” type of exercise and without this balance inevitably injury and poor performance will follow.  We are noticing increased interest in tools that help with recovery like foam rollers and trigger point balls and devices.  It’s important to learn how to use these tools correctly so spend some time with your physio or instructor to get best results.

Magnesium supplementation can also be a great aid to recovery and other beneftits  attached to optimal Mg+ include more restful sleep, relief for tired and sore muscles and restless legs.

Good nutrition as always is necessary to ensure your body is being fed healthy, well balanced food that will provide you with enough protein , vitamins and minerals to regenerate tissue and build lean muscle.

Last but not least – stay well hydrated – the good old H2O is your best friend to stay alert, hold your energy and perform at your best.


March is such a lovely time of year and as the weather cools down our energy levels rise and many of us get back into high intensity exercise, out on the bike on the road or at the gym.  Along with that renewed burst of intense activity can come injury and fatigue.  You can however avoid the pitfalls of going too hard too soon and intersperse your heavy workouts with some pilates or stretch sessions.  We have a fabulous offer on this month for those who want to start equipment pilates and literally find more balance in their exercise regime.  Our first three sessions that have to be carried out before starting small group training are half price for the month of March. So get amongst it in the pilates studio and tell your training mates and make a group of your own!  Also we have seen some great results from people using Magnesium oil in terms of better recovery, less post exercise soreness and cramping.  Worth having a soak in a bath of Mg+ flakes as part of your recovery and as a side benefit you may also notice a deeper and more restful sleep.  Also in this edition we have some staff news and some reduced pilates packs for group sessions with Taryn our newest instructor.    Have a wonderful month – Jules




In March you will save $170 on your first three pilates sessions required to start equipment pilates

Pack includes: 

Initial assessment and program with a physio

2 more one on one sessions to learn your program and prepare for small group training

$170 (Save $170)


           Save on equipment group packs with Taryn our newest pilates instructor

10 pack $330 (save $150)

20 pack $600 ($360)

Terms and conditions apply to all specials and packs


Athletes and gym enthusiasts are far more likely than most to be magnesium deficient. Magnesium is both burned up and sweated out at a rapid rate during exercise. Oxygen uptake depends on Magnesium, which is also crucial for energy metabolism through the activation of enzymes (known as ATPases), needed to generate ATP (adenosine triphosphate) which is the energy within the cells of the body. Medical studies show that Magnesium has a significant effect on performance.

Athletes burn it up at such a rate during exercise that the cramping most commonly seen with distance runners and pro sportsmen and women can be said to be a direct result of magnesium deficiency. Studies also show that using Amazing Oils before a workout gives a 20% endurance boost and prevents DOMS. (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness.)

Magnesium has a unique and essential function during exercise and physical activity as follows...

Your muscles need to burn fuel to function well when under duress or exertion from sports, without magnesium to bind to that fuel it simply can't be used by the muscles.

Eat as many bananas or as much pasta as you like in preparation for your sporting activity, BUT if you're Magnesium deficient, the fuel these carb heavy foods produce so efficiently just will not get utilised.

We also know from other studies that taking oral magnesium supplements is significantly less effective at getting the magnesium into your system than taking it  transdermally (via the skin.), The best way to supplement is through Effective transdermal (topical) options which can help to stop cramping and pain within seconds. More detail on this is covered in the NCBI study here.

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We are excited to welcome a number of news staff to Revive:

Taryn Byron has joined us as our newest Pilates instructor.  Taryn is fully certified with a Diploma in Pilates movement therapy from APMA.  Taryn will be in the studio taking classes and available for equipment pilates groups and one on one sessions.  Taryn will also have a role within the admin team as a receptionist.


Emma Laird and Lily Hogan have joined our admin team as Junior receptionists and we welcome back Abbey a few hours a week as she assists with training new staff.

Goodbyes ;(

We are saying goodbye to some lovely staff as well as Bree and Clare move on to the next exciting chapters in their lives.  Thanks to both girls who have been so great in their time with us.  Good luck Bree and Clare – we’ll miss you both xx


We are sponsoring the Queensland Climbing
Championships this month.  We will be looking after the athletes in their preparation area where will be available to treat athletes and give advice etc prior to and after their competition. 

It should be a spectacular comp so come and join the fun on Friday 17th March- Sunday 19th March.  More details here:

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