It's World Incontinence week !

 The Australian Physiotherapy Association (APA) is calling on Australian women and men living with incontinence to seek out physiotherapy as part of their treatment, ahead of World Continence Week.

Incontinence affects 1 in 4 Australians. It affects up to 10 per cent of Australian men and 38 per cent of Australian women, while 70 per cent of people with urinary leakage do not seek advice or treatment from a health professional.

APA Women’s, Men’s and Pelvic Health Group National Chair Jason Crow implores Australians experiencing incontinence to get themselves checked out by a health professional. Treatments for people with leakage are varied and there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach. Physiotherapists understand that in order for you to achieve your best outcome, you need to have the treatment that best suits you.” 


Women’s health services at Revive focuses on the treatment of: 

- Incontinence or leakage of the bladder

- Pelvic organ prolapse

- Chronic pelvic pain that may be caused from conditions such as endometriosis 

- Conditions associated with pregnancy and early parenthood such as back or sacroiliac joint pain 

- Blocked milk ducts and mastitis

- Sexual health issues 

We have 2 experienced physiotherapists at Revive who can help you with these issues - appointments are discreet and private  - we send out information prior to your appointment so you know what to expect so you can rest easy we will look after you !