Dizziness/vertigo treatment at Revive

Book in with Steph one of our Physios at West End for help with Vertigo or Dizziness 


Have you ever experienced Vertigo - that sense you or the world is spinning, rotating or moving?  

Do you get bouts of Dizziness – a feeling inside your head including lightheaded, wobbly or giddy?  



BPPV is a fancy way of saying, “non-life-threatening spinning or dizziness that comes and goes with change of position” 

BPPV is the single most common cause of dizziness in adults and most common between 50-70 years. 

Physiotherapists can steady you.  

Physiotherapists are trained to assess, diagnose and treat a variety of musculoskeletal and neurological conditions. 



When small crystals of calcium carbonate, from within your inner ear, become dislodged they can interfere with the normal fluid movement in the semicircular canals. The changes in your head position relative to gravity can trigger dizziness and vertigo. Activities as simple as moving your head or rolling in bed can cause you to set off these symptoms. 

Physiotherapists are trained to use a series head and body movements to test, (EPLEY MANEUVER) for sensitivity and then treat, guiding the crystals to a non-aggravating position. Often the symptoms can be relieved immediately, and usually only a few sessions are needed to resolve. The physiotherapist can then provide you with specific exercises for you to continue to provide relief.  

Physiotherapists are the ideal healthcare professional to provide you with steadiness in your head, feet and confidence to let you get back to living life. 



Physiotherapists also see dizziness in some neck pain or neck-related headaches clients. Injury or dysfunction of cervical joints, muscles or nerves can alter the sensory information received by the brain. The central nervous system compiles information from the eyes and inner ear, along with information from neck joints and movement. Conflicting input from the neck will add confusion to the processing of this information and in turn can result in dizziness. With specific history and physical examination, Physiotherapists can diagnose and treat Cerviocogenic dizziness. 

If you or someone you know is experiencing Dizziness you can book with our Physiotherpist Steph at West End.  Steph has experience with diagnosing and managing Dizziness or Vertigo.   


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