Dizziness and Physio

Did you know physiotherapists can treat dizziness?

The most common dizziness presentations (vertigo) are often related to either the upper neck spine or vestibular apparatus, a.k.a. the inner ear.

If you suffer from the vertigo when changing positions, especially if that involves laying down or rolling, then check whether you might have a condition called  " benign positional paroxysmal vertigo " (or BPPV for short).

The condition develops when small calcium carbonate crystals that naturally occur inside the inner ear get displaced within the inner ear canals due to a fall, trauma, an ear infection or general age related “wear and tear”.

In their new location the crystals become a new trigger for the usual movement therefore increasing the signal intensity from the inner ear. The brain interprets this as a mismatch between the actual movement information and the movement signal intensity received from the inner thus producing a sense of vertigo.

Common “problem moves” are usually related to a change of position, such as lying down flat or on the side without  a pillow, looking up,  reaching for a high top shelf, having hair washed at the hairdresser  or general movement suddenly producing motion sickness.

This condition is not life threatening however it may be quite debilitating.  Physiotherapists can assess and pinpoint the specific location of displaced crystals through the series of tests and manoeuvres, as well moving the crystals back to  where they belong thus allieviating symptoms.

If you or someone you know is suffering from vertigo, treatment is simple and quick and very effective.  You will be shown how to treat yourself at home as well and all up about 2 - 3 visits will see good resolution of symptoms.  We have physios at Ashgrove and West End able to help - just call to book and let us know at the time that you require treatment for vertigo. 

(should this type of treatment not help we are able to also diagnose other possible causes of dizziness such as problems with the neck joints and muscles - physio can also assist with the treatment of the neck to alleviate dizziness )