Common Shoulder Injuries

Does your shoulder ache after overhead or repetitive activity? Is it getting worse and now restricting that activity? Has a period of rest apparently resolved the problem only for the pain to reoccur when you returned to sport or increased your normal activity?

Shoulder pain is normally a result of repetitive 'overhead activity', such as serving and smashing in tennis, freestyle or butterfly swimming, and bowling in cricket or baseball. Repeated movement of the arms building up over the years may also cause irritation of the tendons of the shoulder.
Tendonitis, bursitis and impingement often occur together. Tendonitis is inflammation of the rotator-cuff tendons (a group of four, small, deeply situated, strap-like muscles) and/or the biceps tendon. Impingement occurs as result of weakness of the rotator cuff which causes instability in the shoulder joint and a cycle of cuff damage, impaired function, further impingement and worsening cuff damage is initiated.

The above condition is extremely common in all walks of life. Unfortunately we tend to “put up with” our symptoms for some time before seeking help. Physiotherapy combined with a strengthening and stabilising rehabilitation programme can resolve these symptoms and facilitate a quick return to sport and normal duties. If you can identify with the above call Revive now and make an appointment with one of our experienced physiotherapists.