Using natural and targeted interventions of dietary modifications, natural supplements, lifestyle changes and stress management naturopathy can make changes in your digestive system, improve sleep, assist with weight loss, help with skin conditions and support your immune and psycho-emotional systems. 

Our in-house naturopath is Nikita Maddren.  With a holistic approach to your well-being, Nikita can asssist with:

  • mental health
  • gut health
  • immune system function
  • skin health
  • reproductive system support

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Did you know that we need 10 hours of rest every day?

You read that right, 10 hours every single day. And if we don’t get that, over the long term, our bodies start to let us know, via symptoms. Symptoms could be illness, anxiety, stress, sleep issues, constipation, diarrhoea, awful periods etc. Our bodies are smart and will yell at us to slow down. You might have had an experience of high stress that ended and was followed by a hospital trip, major hair loss, or bad flu – this was your body yelling at you to slow down. 


Rest can be attained in many forms; the most vital being sleep. Having a good sleep pattern, getting into restful sleep, REM sleep, will make sure that your body is able to decompress after each day. It gives it the time to clear waste matter from your brain (via cerebrospinal fluid washing in and out of the brain) – how cool is that?

Other ways to find rest in your day include cooking, without distracting yourself with Netflix (which I’m very guilty of), writing, getting into your flow, moving your body in restorative ways (such as walking and yin yoga), meditation, eating (again, without distraction), and connecting with a loved one.


Getting 10 hours of rest every day is not always going to be possible (for example if you’re a new parent or you’re going through big life changes), so don’t stress yourself out about it, but it is the goal and it will support you in living your best life and keeping your body functioning properly. For now it might just be something to work towards – and that’s okay! In fact, that’s the first step. You don’t have to do exactly 10 hours each day either; this can average out over days, weeks or even months. 

If you want to learn more about this, I’d suggest reading the book Burnout, by Emily and Amelia Nagoski.


If just the idea of trying to find more rest freaks you out, maybe it’s time to book in with me and give your nervous system some loving. Maybe it’s time to start feeling grounded, calm and more like yourself.