Cancer Rehab

  • Manual physiotherapy
  • Physical and functional assessments
  • Individualised Clinical Pilates one on one and small groups
  • Fatigue management
  • Resistance training
  • Exercise prescription

A cancer diagnosis is a difficult one. Cancer itself holds connotations of severe and life ending illness. However with improved diagnostics, treatments and interventions life during cancer treatment and beyond can be much more than survival.

Our Pinc Rehab therapists are here to "hold your hand" through your cancer journey and help you live the best life you can through this time"

Fatigue is one of the most common side effects of cancer and cancer treatments. We can assist with managing fatigue allowing you to move and live more.

Our individually prescribed exercise programs are specifically designed for people with a cancer diagnosis and can be done before, during and after treatment.

You can start working with our PINC Cancer Rehab therapists at any time after your diagnosis. We can work with you before, during and after your cancer treatment helping improve the effectiveness of treatment, reducing side effects including fatigue and brain fog. We can help after surgery as well with scar management and reducing pain from postural and joint changes.

Just call us to book your initial consultation on 3366 0500 and we will recommend a course of action that best suits your needs.

"We will meet you where you are"