What is it?

  • Bodyflow® Therapy is a unique and technologically advanced treatment that enables athletes and patients to recover from injuries faster
  • It is clinically PROVEN and easy to use
  • It is used by leading trainers, physiotherapists and individuals in Australia and around the world

Bodyflow® is a new electrotherapy device that stimulates the smooth muscle around lymphatic vessels and veins.  For the purpose of treating lymphoedema, this causes a reduction in swelling and fluid in the limb and can reduce limb volume and fluid by up to 15-30% (Bases on 3x per week for 1 month at 20mins per session).  The machine can also be used to reduce post-exercise soreness (delayed onset muscle soreness) and is used by athletes to help with recovery.

Acute swelling and post surgery

Bodyflow® is used as part of the rehabilitation process for acute injuries and post surgery to increase the flow of blood and lymph within the body and encourage the reduction of swelling.  Improved flow of blood can accelerate the patient’s recovery post surgery and assist with the rehabilitation process.

There is currently a growing interest in hospitals trialling Bodyflow® to investigate the ability for patients to recover faster and reduce time spent in hospital.

Improve Sport Performance using the Portable Bodyflow®

Reducing DOMS leads to athletes recovering faster for their next event.

Over the course of a season the cumulative effect can leave athletes feeling fresher and minimising mid to late season fatigue.

Athletes who have periods of travel such as flying pre & post competition find benefit from Bodyflow® as it can aid in the reduction of swelling that has developed during the flight.
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What is Lymphoedema?

Lymphoedema is the abnormal swelling of the superficial body tissues, most often the limbs. Lymphoedema is a result of failure of the lymphatic system to adequately collect and/or transport lymph. The resulting affected limb/s becoming swollen and painful.

Lymphoedema can be caused by congenital conditions, infection/mosquito bite virus or by trauma to the lymphatic system via, injury or surgery/radiation for cancer treatment. As a chronic condition with no cure, the estimated 160,000 Australians that sufferer from Lymphoedmea need to manage their condition for the duration of their life.

Lymphatic massage, Endermologie and the Bodyflow® machine are used successfully to increase the transport capacity of the lymphatic system and remove the stagnant plasma proteins from the tissues.

Lymphoedema Treatment options:

In clinic:

1.  You will require an Initial and Final assessment at a cost of $160.00 (for both sessions) which is to paid upon first visit.  You are also able to claim under Physiotherapy on your health fund.  The initial session is required for assessment, measurement and to show you how to use the machine.  The final assessment is to measure the effect of the treatment and to enable the Physiotherapist to advise the best ongoing management.

2.  Treatments are purchased in a pack of twelve 20 minute sessions for $600.00.  This includes mini reassessments and equates to $50 per session and is also claimable on Physiotherapy cover.

3.  At the end of the 12 treatments, you will receive a reassessment where the Physiotherapist will decide the next step for you, either to repeat the treatment or to rent or buy a Bodyflow® unit for maintenance.

Bodyflow® Costing:

Assessment and initial consultation is billed as an initial physiotherapy consultation.
Treatment sessions thereafter are billed as standard physiotherapy consultations.

Rent of portable unit: $22.00 per day

To purchase portable unit :  $3800.00 incl. GST

Medibank Private members with a Package Bonus can claim on machine rental and purchase.  (Conditions apply dependant on level of cover)

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