Giovanna Saccomani

Giovanna is an overseas qualified Physiotherapist with over 5 years of experience doing massage and treating musculoskeletal and neurological disorders in her own Studio of Pilates in Brazil.  She has a Masters Degree in one of the best qualified and awarded Hospital's in South America, Albert Einstein. She also worked with disability children for over 4 years before coming to Australia.  Here in Australia, Giovanna is back to her field by the Pilates Institute of Queensland.  She believes that the Pilates method is a prevention to injuries and pains as well as an increase of well-being.

Giovanna works from West End and is available for pilates and reformer classes  and massage appointments.  Giovanna will be working closely with our physiotherapists to help deliver Pilates rehab sessions as well.

Giovanna Saccomani
Pilates Instructor
Massage Therapist
Brazilian Physiotherapist
West End