Revive Pilates and Physiotherapy have proudly featured in many Brisbane magazines and newspapers. Click on any of the following pdf files to read articles about our staff and services. For media enquiries please contact Julie Campbell on

Courier Mail
winter_lust-haves.pdf (244.4 KB)
counter_culture.pdf (48.7 KB)

Sunday Mail
revive.pdf (63.2 KB)

City News
make_for_the_hils_with_a_massage.pdf (3.5 MB)
pilates_put_staff_on_the_right_track.pdf (290.9 KB)
look_good_for_summer.pdf (731.0 KB)
unwavering_career_focus.pdf (282.6 KB)
movers_and_shakers.pdf (167.2 KB)

Westside News
beat_stress.pdf (189.9 KB)
exercise_designed_for_pre,_post_birth.pdf (91.8 KB)
studio_has_revival.pdf (75.0 KB)

Style Magazine
revive_pilates_&_physio.pdf (180.4 KB)
revive_your_life_4.pdf (435.2 KB)

Map Magazine
well_being.pdf (284.9 KB)

QLD Business Review
revive.pdf (93.2 KB)

MX Magazine
snippets.pdf (57.8 KB)